eTool Certification


eTool LCA software is an industry leading Life Cycle Assessment program that enables in-depth analysis of building inputs, as well as design performance modelling to account for both the embodied and operational carbon of a project.

eTool enables effective comparison between business as usual design and material selection, with alternative methods, as well as life cycle costing and carbon accounting over the life of a building. This enables a designer or project team to compare cost-benefit scenarios in terms of a quantifiable performance and cost.

The following graphs, illustrate the expected environmental performance of Josh’s house, across energy and water use, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, the life cycle cost comparison was calculated in relation to an average new Perth dwelling.


eTool - Energy graph for Josh's House

Using well-established technology and design features the homes require less than 10% of the energy used in a typical Australian new home. This is good news for the environment, but as power prices rise, energy efficient houses make a lot of financial sense. Each household will save over $2,000 a year just in energy costs.


eTool - Water graph for Josh's House

The homes use around 40% of the scheme water of a typical Perth home. This is achieved through a combination of best practice water efficiency measures (both inside and outside) as well rainwater being used for all indoor use, with scheme water as a back-up when the tank is empty. Greywater is used for garden irrigation.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

eTool - Greenhouse Gas Emissions graph for Josh's House

The homes emit less than 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions normally emitted by Australian dwellings. This is achieved by building a house that lasts longer, is more energy efficient and generates its own power with solar panels.

Lifecycle Cost Comparison

eTool - Lifecycle Cost Comarison graph for Josh's HOuse

Most impressively, Josh’s new home is more affordable than the average Perth house. Although a little more expensive up front, when accounting for reduced operating and maintenance costs within 7 years it pays itself off. From that point the benefits get larger over time.

Download the eTool Life Cycle Assessment for Josh's House - 2.1MB pdf

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