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When Josh decided to embark on this project – his first call was to local designer and good friend Griff Morris. Josh and Griff have collaborated on consultancy projects in the past and it was a natural choice to team up with someone he knows, respects and trusts.

Griff is the founder and director of Solar Dwellings. His inspiration to create a company which designs environmentally appropriate housing began with the design and construction of his first passive solar house in 1977. The completion of this project led to the making of a business commitment in 1991 – to provide affordable sustainable living for the Australian community.

Griff has had a major influence on the building industry in WA by sitting on many committees such as: The Housing Industry Association (HIA), Commonwealth State Government, HIA Environmental Planning committee, on two committees for the Disability Services Commission (the Count me In Project to engage the community in disability awareness, and Liveable Homes to engage the building industry towards including universal design as a norm into their buildings), as well as being an ambassador for the Disability Services Commission.

Since its inception over a decade ago, Griff has taught the GreenSmart Professional course and Waste Management for the HIA. He also teaches the UWA Extensions Workshop for sustainability, and solar passive design principles.

For a long time he was chief judge for the HIA GreenSmart Awards, and the Kitchen and Bathroom Awards bringing sustainability, consistency, and structure to the awards process. As well as judging, Griff and Solar Dwellings have won many awards in categories for Energy Efficiency, Smart Housing, Project Home of the Year, Environmentally Sustainable Design, Universal Bathroom, Universal Kitchen, Future Directions: Liveable Homes, GreenSmart Special Purpose Housing, Green Smart Custom Built Homes, and GreenSmart Professional of the Year, which Griff was the recipient of in 2004.