Introducing Josh’s House, an online video series following presenter Josh Byrne as he attempts to prove that resource efficient homes can be built at a comparable cost and timeframe to regular houses.

Living Labs Videos

In Josh’s House Living Labs Josh and his research team conduct an experiment to see if home owners can reduce their energy and water consumption and lower their carbon footprint through  guidance and knowledge alone.

Star Performers Video Extras

Star Performers Videos

Josh’s House Star Performers is Josh’s latest adventure where he goes on a unique nationwide research tour that brings together the best high performance volume market housing projects from around the country for the very first time.

Star Performers Videos

Star Performers Video Extras

Once again there was far too much good material to throw on the cutting room floor during the editing of Star Performers, so here are some extended interviews and extra videos that you may enjoy.


Josh’s House Videos

Join Josh as he discovers the joys and pitfalls of building his own home, as he delves a little deeper into the Australian Housing industry, and when he finds out just how much this project means to West Australians.

Josh’s House Video Updates

In Series 2 of Josh’s House, Josh and his family are settled, his garden looks a treat and now it’s time to take a closer look at just how the house is performing.

Griff Morris

Josh’s House Video Extras

During the filming of the first series of Josh’s House there was far too much good material to throw on the cutting room floor. So here are some extended interviews from some of our best friends, plus a nifty fly through.

VAM Media

Series producers VAM Media are a Fremantle based Production Company launched by former ABC TV Series Producer Brendan Hutchens. VAM creates content for all broadcast platforms with a focus on making real stories for factual television, documentary and the arts. The company looks to get involved with projects that promote a strong sense of community, sustainability and highlight social issues.