Josh’s House Factsheets

Josh’s House resources are free to use and share. Please ensure acknowledgement is given when they are reproduced.

Grey Water Plumbing

The greywater system plays a big part in the water efficiency of Josh’s House. This fact sheet covers:

  • Greywater regulations
  • Types of greywater systems
  • Greywater ready plumbing
  • The greywater systems installed in Josh’s House
  • Indicative costs of greywater

Integrated Water Systems

How we design and manage our water systems makes a massive impact on water savings. This fact sheet looks at:

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Greywater reuse
  • Bore water use
  • Storm water use
  • Water efficient plumbing & design

Landscaping FAQs

Josh is well known for his love of gardening so we thought we would provide some extra details on the Josh’s House landscape highlights.

  • Gabion walls
  • Hydrozoning
  • Are bores sustainable?
  • Other water sensitive features
  • Local food production systems
  • Shading strategies
  • Other plants
  • Children’s play features

Solar Energy Initiatives

In 2018 a major upgrade of the solar system was undertaken, along with the replacement of the original gas boosted solar hot water system with an electric heat pump, and the gas stove with an induction cooktop. A new 6.4kW solar array and 5kW hybrid inverter was installed to cover the additional load of these new appliances as well as an electric vehicle (EV). The battery was also replaced with a new, more efficient model.

Universal Access & Liveable Homes

Sustainable housing design should also tackle issues such as social inclusiveness and design life. This fact sheet covers home design for people with mobility challenges, including:

  • Walkway, doorway and hallway measurements
  • Flush entry’s
  • Toilet & shower accessibility
  • Wall reinforcement


Waste Fact Sheet
(627KB PDF)

Over half of all the waste produced in WA comes from the construction and demolition industry. On this fact sheet we cover the Josh’s House waste reduction strategy’s including:

  • Pre-construction waste management
  • On-site waste management activities
  • Off-site waste management activities

Wall Types and Insulation

Walls and insulation play a critical role in the thermal performance of a home. This fact sheet shows you the various types of insulation that was used in Josh’s House.

Windows and Glazing

This fact sheet covers the key role that window location and glazing plays in the thermal performance of a house.

Window Furnishings

Window treatments are a key factor in the thermal performance of a house with up to 40% of home heating and cooling energy lost via the windows. This fact sheet looks at:

  • Solar Passive Design
  • Choosing the right window furnishings
  • Curtains – fabrics, fitting & design
  • Blinds
  • Shutters