Josh’s House Plans

Josh’s House resources are free to use and share. Please ensure acknowledgement is given when they are reproduced.

House Plan

Josh’s House floor plan and house elevations

Integrated Water System Design

With so many different ways to save water, a plan for the layout of the water systems is integral. The design covers:

  • Hydrozoning
  • Greywater diversion
  • Waste water
  • Bore water

Irrigation Design

The Irrigation Design Plans of Josh’s House are key to the properties water usage and the success of the gardens. Check out the layout of the irrigation!

Landscape Concept

These landscape plans show the key features of the Josh’s House garden and landscapes

Landscaping Design

The Landscaping Design Plans are the definitive guide to the Josh’s House garden plant pallet.

Performance Monitoring Plan

This set of Performance Monitoring Plans shows you how Josh’s House is monitored. It is a map of all the sensors and meters and includes details of the makes and models used.

Sustainability Feature Plan

Josh’s House has so many different sustainability features, we thought it would be a good to put them all on one plan.