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It’s been nearly 18 months since Josh and his family moved into the house so we thought it was high time that we shared some more details on how it’s performing.

The Josh’s House team has been busy processing data and we’ve compiled the key results into the Josh’s House Year 1 Performance Report. This comprehensive document shows you exactly what the Josh’s House monitoring data is showing us, covering everything from thermal performance to energy use and PV generation, to water use and the site ground water balance, plus more.

Amongst other things, we have learnt just how well Josh’s House performed over the hot and cool months of 2013/14, how much money Josh and his family are saving in bills, as well as their operational carbon emissions impact and offsets.

Make sure you watch Episode 13: Josh’s House Updates where Josh runs us through some of his favourite facts and figures, and don’t forget to check out all the factsheets and plans on the Josh’s House Resource page.