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In an industry first, the Water Corporation has partnered with Josh Byrne & Associates to develop guidelines for greywater diversion systems in residential homes. Josh wanted to get the plumbing designed for Josh’s House to be greywater ready, however his builder and plumber acknowledged that readily available information on how to do this was lacking.

Greywater is water that comes from the bath, spa, shower, bathroom, wash basins, washing machines and laundry troughs. A greywater diversion system harnesses this greywater to be used in the garden.

Water Corporation Manager Water Industry Policy Meredith Blais said installing a greywater system is something customers may consider when building a new home. “We funded the development of these guidelines because of a lack of technical detail on how to install a greywater system during the building phase,” Ms Blais said. “So, we partnered with Josh Byrne to develop the greywater diversion system guidelines to make it easier for our customers to recycle greywater in their homes. The new guidelines will help the Greywater Industry Group to provide guidance to builders on greywater pre-lay and plumbing.”

The greywater diversion system guidelines have been launched alongside the Water Episode of Josh Byrne’s online program, Josh’s House, which follows the construction of two 10 star rated homes in Hilton. The program is designed to showcase how sustainable homes can be built at a comparable cost and time frame as a conventional home. The Water Corporation is also a Gold Partner of Josh’s House.

“These guidelines capture all the necessary details for plumbing pre-lay, information that until now has not been available to the building industry,” said Stewart Dallas, from Josh Byrne and Associates.

The greywater diversion system guidelines can be found on the Greywater Industry Group’s website: