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Energy prices and carbon emissions are hot topics as Josh’s House continues to be a test bed for residential solar technologies and energy productivity.

Built in 2013 as a national exemplar of energy efficient housing design for the volume market, the learnings from Josh’s House have been shared widely through Dr Josh Byrne’s research activities with Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living. A recent upgrade to the solar energy system and the inclusion of an electric vehicle (EV) sees this applied research continue in collaboration with local industry partners Infinite Energy and Gemtek.

The electrical upgrades also include the replacement of the original gas boosted solar hot water system with an electric heat pump, and the gas stove with an induction cooktop, making the house completely solar-electric. The new appliances are metered, along with the EV charging point, with the data providing valuable insights into the impact of car charging on a solar-electric home.

To find out more about these recent developments, watch the latest Josh’s House video and download the factsheet. You can also view the data via the real-time data dashboard or see the set up for yourself at the upcoming open garden day.