Series Introduction

There is increasing adoption of water and energy efficient design and technology in our homes, but in many cases how we operate them means they often fall short of their potential. Uncertainty surrounding the extent of this behavioural impact is often used as a reason not to mandate more stringent efficiency standards. The reality is the degree of behavioural impact is poorly understood, let alone what it takes to change it.

To help tackle this issue, ten suburban homes near Fremantle in WA were chosen to participate in a two-year study. Each household is already making efforts to reduce its environmental footprint in some way or another, be it with energy efficient design, solar panels, rain water tanks or low energy lighting and appliances.

The questions we are looking to answer are:

  • If provided with the right information and guidance will these householders go even further to reduce their energy and water consumption and lower their carbon footprint?
  • Is our behaviour the number one factor in living more sustainably?
  • Can simple lifestyle changes reduce our bills, make our homes more comfortable and save us money?

In this episode we meet the participants and the research team behind the project, plus find out how they plan to answer these questions.

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