Zero Emission House (Melbourne)

The Australian Zero Emission House (AusZEH) is recognised as Australia’s first Zero Emission House designed for the volume housing market. Developed by the CSIRO in partnership with Delfin Lend Lease and Henley Property Group, the four-bedroom, two bathroom detached house is located thirty kilometres north of Melbourne CBD, in the community of Laurimar in Victoria.

The house was completed in 2010 and after a period of being open to the public, it was put through its paces as a real-life living laboratory when a family moved in for the purpose of intensive data collection and systems testing. The house is now in private ownership and performance monitoring and data sharing will soon recommence.

The operating house achieves zero greenhouse (GHG) emission status through a combination of energy efficiency and demand reduction measures, on-site renewable energy supply and the application of a home energy management system. The ‘embodied carbon’ associated with the energy used in the manufacture of all the materials used in the house, including its construction, is calculated and neutralised via carbon offsets.

For more information on the design features, materials and technologies incorporated into the Zero Emission House, download the project brochure via the link below. An independent multi-criteria sustainability assessment undertaken by Living Key has also been provided to give additional information on the attributes and limitations of the design.

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