CSR House (Sydney)

Building product supplier CSR established CSR House in 2012 as an applied research and demonstration project aimed at improving the knowledge surrounding the choice and use of building materials in a typical family home.

Located in Schofields in western Sydney, the primary aim of the CSR House project was to design and build an attractive 8 Star energy efficient home as inexpensively as possible and in doing so, identify opportunities to optimise current building processes.

The project has enabled CSR to gain intimate knowledge of how their products integrate with other building products and systems taking a ‘whole of building’ approach. In addition to increased thermal performance and energy efficiency, the two story, four bedroom house also incorporates features to improve acoustic comfort, natural lighting and ventilation to create a healthier home.

The house now acts as a research facility where monitoring takes place to evaluate the building’s performance. With around 140 sensors installed measuring everything from internal temperature and personal comfort, through to thermal bridging issues, this information is being used to inform the building industry of ways to build more affordable, high performance homes.

For more information on the design features, materials and technologies incorporated into the CSR House, download the factsheet via the link below and check out the project YouTube channel.

An independent multi-criteria sustainability assessment undertaken by Living Key has also been provided to give additional information on the attributes and limitations of the design.

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