HIA GreenSmart House Design Accreditation

The Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) is the national industry association for Australian building professionals. GreenSmart is the HIA’s sustainability program.HIA GreenSmart accredited projects must demonstrate a commitment to reducing environmental impact across a range of areas including improved energy efficiency, reduced water usage, resource efficiency, reduced waste and improved energy management.

The assessment criteria for a GreenSmart home includes:


The ability of the householders to reduce operational energy consumption through passive solar design elements, appropriate construction methods for the climate, appropriate ventilation and the selection of energy efficient fittings and appliances.


The ability of the householders to reduce water consumption through the selection of water efficient fittings and fixtures and the installation of alternative water supplies.


The selection and use of materials and building products which can assist in creating a healthier home environment for future occupants.


The selection and use of materials which can assist in reducing the environmental impact of the home during construction and as a finished home.


The general design and features of the home aim at ensuring the needs of the occupants, regardless of age or ability, can be met now or in the future, through simple adaptations.

HIA GreenSmart supports the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines published by the National Dialogue on Universal Housing Design (2010). These GreenSmart requirements intended to mirror the ‘silver’ level standards as set out in those Guidelines.


The design and management of outdoor areas around the home.


Ensuring construction work takes place in a way which minimises the potential or actual removal of soil and sediment from the building site and their potential to enter drains and nearby waterways.


Ensuring construction work is carried out in a way which minimises the potential or actual waste material generated and ensuring appropriate removal from site.

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