Landscape Design

Josh's House - Landscape Plans

Josh is well known for his love of gardening and commitment to demonstrating how landscaping can be used to improve both the sustainability and liveability of our homes and urban environments. He reckons this is his best home garden effort yet.

Both houses have been designed to have generous north facing gardens adjacent to the open planned living areas. Large 28 course high sliding glass doors with flush thresholds open on to an extensive decked area, shaded by grape vine clad pergolas and strategically placed shade sails, providing a seamless transition between inside and outdoor living.

The required street frontage setback for the front house is dedicated to native plantings in a contemporary style that also includes a fire pit and log seating for small gatherings – the perfect way to get to know the new neighbours! Native plantings extend onto the verge. There is also a ‘dampland’ habitat feature planted with local ‘winter-wet depression’ suited species, fed by rainfall runoff from the carport.

The rear garden of the front house, and the front garden of the rear house effectively function as a shared space, achieved by simply not installing a boundary fence. Features include a large productive garden (vegies, herbs and fruits), a propagation area and access to the hen house for collecting eggs. The elements in this space have been set out so that if a boundary fence is installed at a later date, then each property still has access to their own respective veggie beds and garden shed and composting facilities.

A 25m fruit tree system runs along the northern face of the southern boundary fence line and is planted with a combination low chill stone fruit, apple and pear varieties. Larger fruit trees including citrus, pomegranate, quince and macadamia are incorporated into mixed edible landscapes around the houses.

Spaces have also been set aside for creative children’s play, outdoor cooking and entertaining, as well as private courtyards by the master bedrooms.

For further information on the landscaping of the homes you can find fact sheets on the Josh’s House Resource Page.

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The homes are a modern take on the classic Hilton brick and weatherboard look, with a mix of modern rendered finishes, old style weatherboards and heritage red brickwork in high impact areas. The sympathetic roof lines, combined with the generous building setback of the front house fit comfortably with the 1940’s feel of the suburb…

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Sustainability Features

The houses are based on well-established solar passive design principles to ensure maximum thermal comfort year round, with no air-conditioning or artificial heating required. Energy and water efficient fixtures and appliances, combined with onsite power generation, rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling all contribute to the environmental performance of the homes…

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